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The logo of Instituto Católico para Formação a de Professores highlights the reality that it is an East Timorese Institution. The symbols of the logo are as follows:

  • The Shield represents the Government of East Timor.

  • The Cross and Deer represents the Diocese of Baucau.

  • The white star resonates with the star on the flag of East Timor and also symbolises Mary, Star of the Sea – a sign of protection and peace.

  • The Gold Star represents the rising sun, symbol of new light and new life.

  • The thirteen yellow points represent the thirteen districts of East Timor.

  • The Marist symbol in the centre of the shield represents the availability of the Marist Brothers and their lay partners to people everywhere – “A Heart that has no bounds”.

  • The pale blue background represents the blue skies of East Timor.

  • The deep blue surround symbolises the sea that surrounds East Timor.

  • The book with its green cover represents the learning of the young people and their peaceful hopes for all people who live in East Timor

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