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Mestra Edviges gave the instruction for the tutorial activity about PREPARING ESSENTIALS COMPONENTS FOR CLASSROOM BASED ON NATIONAL CURRICULUM 2014. Mestra Joaquina & Mestra Edviges divided materials for 10 groups. Each group had a flip chart, paper A4, color, board marker, scissors, sticky tape and box.

Each group worked together to prepare essential components in the classroom. The essentials components in the classroom were a o’clock, a Timor-Leste map, a subject materials, a mini-library, class rules, an attendance list, a cleaning roster, a suggestion box, an appointment box, a birthday frame, a smart board, friendship mail, a guest book, a class structure list, a calendar and a justification box (explanation absences from class).
The students demonstrated some beautiful creativity. They really enjoying this activity.
The objective of this activity is to develop students’ creativity and ability, this is becoming their knowledge and experiences for them as teachers in the future. In other part help students to manage material in class corner and manage material in each discipline.

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