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The student group was established in 2019 after a proposal from the Brazilian volunteer Mana Janaini who with her initiative recommended to Br. Peter to bring together the young people at ICFP. Mana Janaini and Mana Domingas Belo started their first training in May and July to prepare the youth to become role models in society. The mission of the PJM is to promote the integrated training of students to be ethical, and fair and in solidarity with others through an education guided by the values of the Gospel, and the way of the Virgin Mary to transform the society. The 5-year vision of PJM can serve as a reference for quality education in the evangelisation, promotion, protection and defence of the rights of children, adolescents and young people. The values for the community include, trust, modesty, friendship, sharing, simplicity, availability, sensitivity, determination, joy, commitment, and humility. Currently the PJM continues to grow with trainers like Mestra Domingas, Mestre Mariano, Mestre Silvanio, Mestra Joaquina, Mestra Julieta, Mana Henriqueta, Mestra Virginia and Mana Femi

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