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The library is an attractive and effective learning hub where all students and staff can use the facilities. Students can access copies of teachers’ lectures and borrow resources. Each student is provided with an Institute ID card which is essential for borrowing from the library.

The library consists of two rooms; both contain plenty of comfortable desks and chairs. Language classes use the library to practice their reading. There are collections of resources written in Portuguese, Indonesian, and English and the collection of Tetum literature is growing. Students can access a photocopier. There is also an extensive section on Educational literature which is useful for research.


Computer Laboratories

For a variety of practical reasons, given the physical layout of the Institute, the IT resources are managed by the Institute’s IT team. They upkeep two computer rooms, and all the computers used by the teaching and non-teaching staff. Students who wish to research a topic on the internet have use of the computers in the specified rooms.

These rooms are also used by subject groups, such as language classes. Lessons are also given in Computing and students are taught skills in several areas, such as editing film clips, and for academic programs. One room is situated in the main building on the second floor and the other room is one the ground floor in a separate building.

Art Room


Although this room is used mainly for teaching arts and crafts, it also functions as a normal classroom and is often used for functions and special events. Students’ work is featured in the room, as well.


Meeting Room

This is a multi-purpose room in the main building that is used for staff meetings, meetings with visitors, meetings with small groups of students, such as licentiate students meeting with their mentors. It is a very attractive room which also contains official documents and copies of monographs written by licentiate students and some memorabilia.


Music Room

The Music Room is a separate building on the Institute campus. It is used specifically to teach the first-year students’ practical skills in music, such as playing a guitar and playing another instrument. The room is also used for choir practice, and also as an examination room for the Licentiate students.

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