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Justina Lopes

Senior Secretary to the Director


·         Organize appointments for the Director in Administration

·         Make phone calls, as requested to organize off site appointments for the Director

·         Attend to visitors when they come to see the Director


·         Manage administration files – computer files/ hard copy

·         Filling all documents

·         Photocopy documents

·         Scan documents/photos

·         Maintain stocks and supplies for the Director

·         Managing staff documents with MSS

Correspondence and mail

·         Writing and replying letters as required

·         Words process letters and documents for posting

·         Answering phone calls and responding to phone calls

·         Take message from phone calls


·         Translating during meetings with non-English speakers

·         Translating documents / letters into Tetum / Indonesian as required

·         Attend meetings with the Director and assist with translation as required within the Institute

Visa Preparation 

·         Prepare visa letters and manage the visa process for International staff & Marist Brothers and local staff as required

Front office Reception

On a weekly basis, manage activities of office while administration people is away or meeting is held.

Justina Lopes
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