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Salvador Magno Ximenes, B.EB., M.Ed.

Coordinator of Teaching Practicum and Lecturer

Lecturer for subject :

  • Computer studies (EDCU 101, 1 Ano)

Tutor for subject :

  • Study and research skill (EDCS 101, 1 Ano)

  • Natural science education (EDST 201, 2 Ano)

Other :

  • Organizing and coordinating teaching practicum program for the undergraduate students of ICFP every year.

  • Preparing Mathematics Study unit outline and its lesson contents, as a Lecturer.

  • Organizing students for visiting schools and observing classrooms (EDCO100).

  • Have been working at ICFP since 2014.

Salvador Magno Ximenes, B.EB., M.Ed.
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